How Much Does A 14×20 Deck Cost?

If you are looking to build your own deck then the one thing you will want to understand is how much a 14×20 deck costs. This may seem like a simple task but when prices for material fluctuate it can make it difficult to determine what the actual cost of building a 14×20 deck is going to be. Items such as lumber and nails have an effect on your cost so understanding where these items come from and why they are priced the way they are will help you better figure out how much does a 14×20 deck cost .

Basic Cost Estimate

In order to get an idea of how much does a 14×20 deck cost all that we need is a basic outline on components and materials used. If you were just going to building your own deck then basic materials would consist of 4×8 pressure treated lumber that is usually around $10 per lineal foot. This will give you the wood you need to build a frame as well as have some left over for steps or other features. For hardware and supplies like nails, screws and even fasteners it would average out at roughly $100.

Of course these numbers are just estimates but they closely reflect what a 14×20 deck will cost most people on an overall basis if you were only purchasing material from a place like Lowe’s or Home Depot. These types of stores try to stay competitive so the price for a deck averages out to be roughly $2,500 labor not included. If you already have things like nails and screws on hand then this can cut cost dramatically but it is still a good idea to be prepared so that you don’t have to go back and make more of an investment.

Average Labor Cost

Now we move into labor costs. This is something that may or may not be in the budget depending on how big your project is going to be and if you are willing to do any of the work yourself as well. Of course one simple rule of thumb if you want to build your own 14×20 deck would be hire someone who specializes in building decks such as David Carpenter Company in order to ensure quality results. If you were too employ skilled labor for constructing a 14×20 deck it would cost roughly $3,500 with some added costs for permits to build in your area.

So as you can see the cost of a 14×20 deck is fairly reasonable but there are many different aspects to consider that may or may not add up in price. Just know that at the end of the day it all comes down to how much time and effort you want to put into building something on this scale and if it is worth it in the end. As long as you budget accordingly there shouldn’t be any surprises when it comes time to pay your bills.…


4 Keys To Making The Bathroom Look Bigger

Today we are going to talk about how we can make the bathroom look bigger. There is a very common question and it is the following: “How can you correctly design a bathroom to make it look bigger?”

That is precisely the question that we are going to answer, so that your bathroom, no matter how small, seems larger and more comfortable:

  1. You want the design approach to be as simple as possible, meaning less visually busy. The busier the bathroom, the smaller it will feel. You want to keep patterns to a minimum, keep color options toned down, create long, streamlined lines, and not use too many accessories.
  2. Wall Treatment Discussion: Will the mirror on my bathroom walls help the space feel bigger? Should I wallpaper or add an accent painted wall?Following this line, some people falsely believe that mirroring the bathroom walls will make the space feel larger. But what you’re actually doing by mirroring the walls is replicating all the bathroom details over and over again, which contributes to the overall hustle and bustle compared to if you just painted the walls and had an appropriately sized mirror above the vanity. Also, keeping the paint color consistent and in lighter tones throughout the room, and even the ceiling color the same (depending on your choice of wall color), will create the illusion of a larger space without paint colors. contrasting or wallpaper details to stop your sight.
  3. Focus on cabinets that are hanging on the wall. Or also in furniture-style cabinets that stand on legs so your eyes are drawn under the vanity so you can see more continuous floor space.
  4. Avoid cabinets above the toilet. When trying to make a room feel larger, you should avoid placing large cabinets and wall-hanging features that are at or above eye level. What should be avoided are cabinets above the toilet, wide and / or tall linen cabinets, drug cabinets that are surface mounted or recessed into the wall.

Simply put, you should emphasize bathroom maintenance and not overcrowding. Also, take care of the walls and keep them uniform, with light colors. Another point is to consider using vanity cabinets with space under them.

We emphasize cabinets because you should avoid installing large, as well as avoiding large and bulky items to a minimum and not hanging items too deep on the walls at or above eye level.…


8 Reasons To Swap Your Bathtub For A Shower

The shower has many benefits and advantages over the traditional bathtub.

If you are thinking of bathroom remodeling, you probably have a dilemma between the two. That is why we have made a list of reasons that will help you make that decision.

Here are 8 reasons to swap your bathtub for a shower for bathroom remodeling:


Showers are currently a safer option thanks to the non-slip material from which they are made.

On the contrary, a wet bathtub is more dangerous because it is a slippery surface that can cause major accidents.


The budget is a primary factor when deciding on one or another option for your bathroom remodeling.

For this reason, you should know that showers are cheaper than bathtubs in many ways:

First, the work of putting a bathtub in your bathroom remodelingis much more expensive and time-consuming.

Second, by using a shower you will save a lot of money on both water and gas.

When filling a bathtub with warm or hot water you use a considerable amount of gas. In addition, the water used to fill it is equivalent to 10 showers.

Space Distribution

The shower allows you to better optimize the space in your bathroom.

As it takes up less space than the bathtub and is better suited to confined spaces.

Aesthetics and Design

Currently showers offer a wide variety of modern designs that will add value to your home.

In addition, there is a large number of possibilities of sizes and designs that adapt to all tastes.

Cleaning and maintenance

Showers are easier and more comfortable to clean than bathtubs because they generate less dirt. So they require less daily maintenance.


Nowadays time is very precious.

For this reason by taking a shower we will be saving a lot of time that we can spend on more important activities.

Access and Mobility

If older people or people with reduced mobility live in your home, the best option is to install a shower.

It is more comfortable to get in and out. You also have the possibility of placing a seat inside.


As we mentioned before, when you shower you use less water, and therefore less energy to heat the water. This in addition to being a considerable help for your pocket, is a great help for the environment.…


7 landscaping tips to turn your apartment into Eden

Cosmopolitan life has increasingly left people thirsting for nature. Is not for nothing. Research linked to a concept called biophilia affirms that human beings, throughout evolution, are driven to love living things and not inanimate objects.

That is why we feel so good about getting in touch with nature. But, how to resolve this issue living in an apartment?

The liveliness of the plants, combined with good design, will add a touch of elegance and charm to the apartment if the balcony is spacious, even better. For a successful landscaping project, some points such as wind, lighting, fertilizer, types of plants, and pots have to be carefully thought out.

In today’s post, we list landscaping tips so you can set up your own corner, no matter whether on the balcony or in the living room. Read on and see what can be done.

Watch the wind

In the case of places where strong winds circulate, plants with broad, long leaves will be a problem. So, choose plants like bamboo orchid, lavender, mussaenda, agave, among others. That is medium plants with strong stems.

Make a climbing wall

In the case of a less spacious balcony, or in the absence of it, place the potted plants on the wall. With wooden demolition slats and galvanized steel boxes, it is possible to have a corner full of textures and style. Ferns are perfect for this combination.

Invest in green, fresh, and organic leaves

Imagine remembering that you need rosemary while cooking. Instead of having to go to the supermarket, walk to the garden and remove the fresh, pesticide-free spice. In addition to being healthier, having a vegetable garden with the main vegetables, spices, and spices in the apartment will add beauty and aroma to the garden.

An interesting option is the latticed panels with shelves. In them, you can place pots with the most diverse vegetables. For cultivation, a tip is to use substrate. They have a lot of nutrients, are lighter, and need to be replaced less frequently than common ground.

Use elegant touches

In case you choose the balcony as an alternative for your garden, keep in mind a decoration with elegant touches and neutral elements. The Scandinavian design works very well in this case. More neutral colors will balance the environment full of greens and if it interests you, the color of the flowers.

Plants for landscaping tips

When it comes to the size of the vase and lighting, the unknowns are great, but there is not much secret: in environments with little sunlight, orchids are a great option; when the place is more lit, plants such as boxwood and azalea are the best choices.

In the case of graphics and anthuriums, these are plants that need large pots to be grown. In medium-sized pots, ferns, beehives, and peace lilies work well. There is still the option of growing plants in the water, such as boa constrictors and lucky bamboo, for example.

Think about vessel types

The types of pots are very important when thinking about the composition of the garden. Reflect on the colors, shapes, materials, and finish of each one. They must adorn the type of garden and be in accordance with the plant that will be cultivated. To facilitate the maintenance of plants, escape from very heavy pots. However, if there is nowhere to run, use casters under them.

Be part of the environment

Sunbeds and stools cannot be overlooked. For family interaction with the most natural corner of the house to be possible, these pieces of furniture need to be part of the environment. For those with space, investing in a table so that breakfast is on-site is a good choice.


General Advice For A Beginner In Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is an activity-rich in sensations and absolutely formidable. But this
activity is unique in its kind: it requires specific equipment and adapted techniques. If
this one interests you, then these few tips could be very useful to you. Here is an
article to read before doing your first scuba diving!
Use a 180-degree snorkel mask
There are many ways to go scuba diving. It is possible to go into deep water with an
oxygen cylinder, a professional suit and all the necessary equipment. But you can
also start alone, with quality equipment and suitable for occasional diving trips. For
this, the diving mask with a 180 ° view is ideal! It is equipped with a snorkel, which
allows you to observe the underwater world without going far from the surface, and
while continuing to breathe without an oxygen cylinder.
Remember to equip yourself with fins!
If it invites you to relax and observe underwater life, diving is also a sport. Indeed,
scuba diving is a sport accessible to all, but it should not be underestimated. This is
a fairly physical activity, which will require some effort on your part.
So, to practice this activity with pleasure, there is no need to be a high-level athlete,
only to have suitable equipment. To help you sweep a larger area without you
exhausting yourself, feel free to don a pair of fins. These will allow you to cover
greater distances without having to mobilize too much effort. So you can focus
exclusively on what’s going on underwater. Your movements will be more efficient
and less numerous, which should allow you to spend more time in immersion. After
the mask and fins, you can also purchase a wetsuit, if you wish. Other equipment
becomes indispensable in deeper waters.
Discover deep water diving with a professional
When you start a new activity, you often tend to want to go too fast and to grill the
steps. Scuba diving is a simple physical activity, but it can be dangerous if not done
properly. If you want to ditch your mask and snorkel to put on a wetsuit and an
oxygen cylinder, don’t do it alone. Start by making sure that your state of health
allows you to practice this sport by consulting your doctor.
Also, don’t buy professional equipment right away! Rent it from a service provider
and enlist the help of an instructor to carry out your first dives in deep water. Indeed,
unless you have a diving diploma, you cannot explore the seabed alone. At least, the
early days. An instructor should teach you all the basics of this unusual sport, safety
rules, breathing and decompression techniques… Water is an element as pleasant
as it is dangerous: it should not be underestimated.

Get your diplomas to become independent.
Diving can be learned! Diving with a snorkel and a mask can be done absolutely
anywhere, as long as you stay in the areas dedicated to swimming. Avoid venturing
into places where there is no security and in dangerous swimming areas (strong
currents, presence of dangerous marine animals, etc.). On the other hand, if you
want to gain autonomy in your practice of scuba diving, you will have to pass specific
diplomas. There are different levels of diving and to pass them, you need to
approach the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). This will allow
you to pass the different levels of training, from first scuba diving to the instructor’s
From twelve to sixty meters deep, each level gives you access to a new practice of
scuba diving. With the right diplomas, you can set off on your own to conquer the
seabed. And always push your passion for scuba diving further.…


Benefits Of A Car Title Loan In Los Angeles

Qualifying for a Car title loan is easy if you have a clean car title and income proof. The process is short, and usually, the cash you need is in your hands quickly. What are the benefits of a car title loan?


  • Fast Processing: Most of the time, people apply for a car title loan to cover various expenses. The common variable of most of these loans is that the client is not able to wait weeks for the money. Car Title offers fast processing that allows you to receive the cash you need quickly.
  • Credit is not the only factor to qualify: A car title loan uses your car’s value as a factor in determining how much we can lend you, which allows us to make your credit a minor factor when applying. This is one of the biggest advantages of a car title loan with Car Title. This allows us to have a broader range of consumers qualify for auto title loans and reduces the time it takes to complete the process.
  • Flexible Payment Terms: We provide flexible payment term options that suit your needs. Apart from this, there is no penalty for paying the loan early.
  •  Credit Score Improvement: We report your payment history *, which can help you improve your credit score when you make all your payments on time.


A car title loan does not depend on having an amazing car. We accept a variety of vintage cars, no need to be expensive models. We have an appraisal system that offers vintage, and out of shape car loans, this makes us different from other title loan companies. Finally, don’t forget, our company never seeks to confiscate the car during the loan, you can keep driving while you pay off your loan.


* Exceptions occur if required by law.


How To Apply Online For Auto Title Loans In LA


  • Fill out the form on the right that will give us your personal information and vehicle information
  • Fill out the additional details form that will make it easier for us to process your application online
  • You will be contacted by one of our credit agents within minutes.
  • Sent all the necessary documents online
  • Receive approval and receive your money now!


If you already have a car title loan, we can refinance your loan at a lower rate.


The best part is that our online auto title loans make it easy for you to send all your documents from your computer or cell phone. Even if you have bad credit, you can get the cash you need. Apply for a car title loan online today!



4 Tips For Landscaping Your Wooden Deck

The wooden deck is the favourite place for people during the summer and on sunny days. A veritable place for sharing, the wooden deck is a space to be personalized to make it as welcoming as possible. Be careful all the same; a terracing project may
require planning permission issued by the town hall, type building permit or prior declaration of work.

If you don’t have a deck then definitely consider to build one with these guys:

Texas deck builders – Austin deck builders


Choose the right garden furniture

The choice of your garden furniture will, first of all, depend on your expectations: rather cozy corner or living space where to share a dinner. If your habits are to have an aperitif with your friends in a comfortable space, opt instead for garden furniture with a coffee table. If you like to receive your friends or your family to eat, prefer a garden furniture table around which to share a good meal. Finally, if you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool on your wooden deck, sunbathing will certainly find its place on your deck!
The choice of material for your garden furniture will define its lifespan. Indeed, a set of plastic garden furniture first price will change color quickly because of the sun. Materials like wood, braided resin, or metal will have a longer service life.

How to create a relaxation corner

To enjoy your deck in optimal conditions, installing a relaxation area on your deck is
essential. Indeed, to enjoy your deck during hot weather, it is important to protect yourself from the sun.

For this, different solutions are available to you:

  • The pergola: attached to the house or freestanding, this deck shelter creates a
    new living space on your property. Wood or aluminium, the styles, and
    configurations are multiple but provide the essential: protect yourself from the
    sun and bad weather. Consider combining different materials, such as wood and
    aluminium, which is very popular today. There are now very sophisticated models
    of flat roofs with bioclimatic pergolas with adjustable slats as their roof. High-tech
    options are generally available such as integrated Bluetooth speakers or light
    strings connected to your Smartphone.
  •  In the same principle as the attached pergola, the awning is fixed on the wall of
    your house and is unwound manually or using a motor to create a shaded space.
  •  The shade veil: more accessible in terms of price; the shaded veil is a deck
    shelter that is enjoying growing success. Shade sails are generally attached to
    poles supplied with or on existing supports: house wall, tree, etc. … Consider installing a garden sofa to enjoy maximum comfort in your garden. You offer yourself a new room of life.

Choose the lighting to enhance your deck

The lighting of your deck becomes very important once night falls. To make the most of your deck during long summer evenings, consider incorporating cozy lighting before you even install it.

Different types of lighting exist for wooden decks:

  •  Built-in patio spots: integrated into the patio, these spots allow you to trace the
    contours of the patio and light it up. These spots fit directly into the blades. They are simple to install, and the result is stunning. Different lighting colors are
    available, and it is also possible to have it changed directly via your Smartphone.
  •  The spots to plant: they are to be positioned around the deck. They are very
    simple to install and ensure good lighting of your deck for more security.

Secure your wooden deck

It is very important to secure your wooden deck, especially when you have children at home or around. A deck can be a source of danger when it is raised or near a
swimming pool. The railings elegantly delimit your deck. Depending on the style of your home, opt for stainless steel with a contemporary style or wood for more authentic environments. It is possible to mix materials for railings with a unique style. Railings are generally delivered in a kit ready to install. They adapt to your environment.…


These Tips Will Help You Sleep Better

More and more people find it difficult to sleep, and the reasons ranges from increased stress to anxiety about unfinished projects, bad habits, or simply because the body doesn’t seem to want to sleep.

Beyond the origin, in this post, I will share some tips to help you sleep better.

Establish A Routine

Try to fall asleep and always get up at the same time so that your body gets used to this rhythm, and that nature can produce the hormones necessary for you to sleep soundly.

Nap Early

Taking a nap is very good, as long as you do it at least 3 hours before going to sleep at night, and that it does not exceed 20 minutes.

So if you get sleepy in the afternoon and still can’t go to sleep, try doing something else until it’s time. For example, you can read a book, arrange your room, call someone you had pending to speak, etc.

Turn Off All The Lights

Did you know that your body produces a natural hormone that helps you sleep? That hormone is called melatonin, and you can help its secretion very easily since it is regulated by the exposure you have to light.

The darker your room is at night, the better. If by watching a horror movie, you leave all the lights on, your melatonin will be low, and therefore it will cost you more to sleep.

Turn off all the lights and close the windows, in an extreme case, buy a sleeping mask, so at least you control that no light enters your eyelids.

Outside Mobile And Tv

Continuing to help the body produce sleep hormones, it is key that you stop using your mobile / notebook / TV at least two hours before going to bed since its light seriously affects the production of melatonin.

Consume Sun During The Day

Just as darkness helps you produce melatonin for deep sleep, it is also important that you enjoy time outdoors during the day and that you let sunlight into your home when you want to be awake. In this way, your body will synchronize with your sleep cycle much more easily.

Avoid Coffee In The Afternoon

Beyond that, you have so many things to do during the day, leave caffeine only in the morning. What caffeine does is inhibit the sensation of sleep; therefore, when your body wants to tell you that it wants or needs to sleep, coffee turns off that message.

If you are very sleepy in the afternoon, it is best to take a nap of 15 to 20 minutes.

Eat Better

In addition to avoiding late coffee, everything you do to make your body healthier will help you sleep better since resting is a natural process. Consume less sugar and processed foods, to avoid insulin spikes that deregulate your daily life and, on the other hand, to have better digestion.

Take A Deep Breath

Most of the time, not being able to sleep has to do with a level of anxiety that makes your mind stop for even a second. It’s like at night your head spirals, and you can’t relax to sleep.

The best thing you can do to remedy it is to meditate, and if you have never done it, just try to take a deep breath and pay attention to your breathing. With practice, you will see that many of the thoughts that visit you are not worth it to lose sleep.…


How To Improve Your Financial Well-Being?

Your well-being or financial situation is unique and particular. Frequently, we believe that wellness equals how much money we earn, our credit score, or the net worth we have. In fact, your financial well-being is determined by factors that more broadly reflect how you manage your money. These include how well you are able to keep up with your financial obligations, how confident you are about the future, and, ultimately, whether or not you have enough freedom to make those financial decisions that allow you to enjoy life.

Understanding where your money is going 

The history of your finances begins by comparing the past with the present. What do you spend on? Where does your income come from? By monitoring these factors, you can get a better idea of ​​how you use your money today, so you can plan for the future.

Know where your money comes from

Before you can take any steps to improve, you need to have a clear idea of ​​the state of your finances. Start by reviewing your sources of income.

Know where your money is going

To manage your money, you need to have a way to track your daily expenses that allows you to control total spending. The important thing is that you have and maintain the expense control system that works best for you.

Record the due date of your accounts on a calendar

If you’re having trouble meeting your commitments at the end of the month, your income and expenses may not occur at the same time. Therefore, it is helpful to have a complete picture of your finances.

Making small changes can make a big difference

There are small steps you can take to change history with your finances. Once you are clear on how you are doing with your money, follow these tips to help you sync your expenses with your income.

Make a budget that fits your cash flow

Cash flow tells you when your money goes in and when it goes out. Reviewing it weekly, especially if you tend to be short on money, can help you make a budget that works for you.

Ask that your bills have due dates to help you stay current

If you have weeks, during which you are tight on money, you can contact your creditors and utility companies and ask them to designate new due dates that better match your income dates.

Compare your expenses from month to month

Monitor your spending for several months. By looking at your expenses in real-time and comparing it to the previous month, you will begin to find areas where you can make adjustments and save money for your savings.

Achieve financial security, have an emergency fund

Start by saving what you can so that you can cover many of the most common emergencies which would otherwise become costly debt. Make this your most important savings goal, and then when your financial situation improves, you can start saving more money.

Set rules for using your savings for emergencies, but don’t be afraid to use them

Determine how and when you will be able to spend these savings and define what an emergency is, but if you need it, don’t be afraid to spend it. The savings are there for that, just remember to work to rebuild them.…


Tips For Renovating The House During The Quarantine

During confinement, you can take advantage of the time to make home improvements to make it look more modern, comfortable, and to the taste of the family. Here are some tips on remodeling that you can carry out at no extra cost.

During confinement, you can take advantage of the time to make home improvements to make it look more modern, comfortable, and to the taste of the family. Here are some tips on remodeling that you can carry out at no extra cost.

The ideal is not to do it all the same day but to divide the house into sections or to schedule a daily room so that you are not too tired and the next day continue with the task.

To paint the house

Painting the walls is something that can be done without much trouble when you have enough time. In addition, it is important to do it before the rainy season to avoid humidity and inconvenience, especially if you are going to paint the house on the outside.

Before retouching the walls, you must ensure that they do not have water leaks, as well as the floors and ceilings. If so, it is recommended that you consult a professional to find a solution.

If you plan to paint the kitchen walls, which are often soiled with grease, you can clean them first with a sponge and soap. Also, patch holes and apply a sealer, so the paint will perform better.

Changes in the small details

The kitchen and bathroom are the spaces that wear the most in a house, so it is important to pay attention to the finishes. According to Herrera, the most important thing in a kitchen is that it be ventilated, so it is recommended to use neutral colors to give it a clean and spacious appearance.

If the kitchen does not need repairs, you can choose to change the handles of the furniture to give a new style. In addition, the change is simple and does not require much effort.

Furniture redistribution

By changing the distribution of the furniture, you can make the room look more spacious and orderly. When the space is small, it is important to place large furniture in corners or one on each wall for better distribution. If you have an outdoor exit, remove obstacles such as tables and benches.

Furniture redistribution is an instantaneous, freeway that only requires a little physical effort to give a room a new look. This option can be useful for bedrooms, kitchen, living room, or dining room.

New garden

Renovating the garden is a good option when you are at home because, in addition to working in a space that gives you peace of mind, doing so helps you distract yourself and reduce stress.

To revive a plant, the first thing to do is find out about its needs, such as how much exposure to light and water it needs and the nutrients it may require. Then determine the appropriate location.…