Today we are going to talk about how we can make the bathroom look bigger. There is a very common question and it is the following: “How can you correctly design a bathroom to make it look bigger?”

That is precisely the question that we are going to answer, so that your bathroom, no matter how small, seems larger and more comfortable:

  1. You want the design approach to be as simple as possible, meaning less visually busy. The busier the bathroom, the smaller it will feel. You want to keep patterns to a minimum, keep color options toned down, create long, streamlined lines, and not use too many accessories.
  2. Wall Treatment Discussion: Will the mirror on my bathroom walls help the space feel bigger? Should I wallpaper or add an accent painted wall?Following this line, some people falsely believe that mirroring the bathroom walls will make the space feel larger. But what you’re actually doing by mirroring the walls is replicating all the bathroom details over and over again, which contributes to the overall hustle and bustle compared to if you just painted the walls and had an appropriately sized mirror above the vanity. Also, keeping the paint color consistent and in lighter tones throughout the room, and even the ceiling color the same (depending on your choice of wall color), will create the illusion of a larger space without paint colors. contrasting or wallpaper details to stop your sight.
  3. Focus on cabinets that are hanging on the wall. Or also in furniture-style cabinets that stand on legs so your eyes are drawn under the vanity so you can see more continuous floor space.
  4. Avoid cabinets above the toilet. When trying to make a room feel larger, you should avoid placing large cabinets and wall-hanging features that are at or above eye level. What should be avoided are cabinets above the toilet, wide and / or tall linen cabinets, drug cabinets that are surface mounted or recessed into the wall.

Simply put, you should emphasize bathroom maintenance and not overcrowding. Also, take care of the walls and keep them uniform, with light colors. Another point is to consider using vanity cabinets with space under them.

We emphasize cabinets because you should avoid installing large, as well as avoiding large and bulky items to a minimum and not hanging items too deep on the walls at or above eye level.