Multi-Country Studies

The EAT project has conducted a number of multi-country studies that compare the agribusiness enabling environment of several countries to inform regional strategies for policy harmonization.

  • Agribusiness Regulations and Institutions (AGRI) Index Final Report

    This AGRI Final Report discusses key findings and cross-cutting themes from a comparison of 10 countries, highlighting good practices, identifying common constraints to agribusinesses, and exploring different regulatory approaches taken by governments.

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  • Lower Mekong Initiative

    This study assesses the agribusiness-enabling environment for cross-border trade in the Lower Mekong region of Asia by focusing on specific indicators of four key agricultural inputs: seed, fertilizer, pesticide, and fish fry.

    LMI Final Annex 1 LMI Final Annex 2 LMI Final Annex 3
  • South Asia Regional

    The EAT project conducted a regional study of seed, fertilizer, and grain in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal. The report is meant to serve as a baseline document for USAID's regional food security strategy.

  • Agribusiness Regulations and Institutions (AGRI) Index Pilot Report

    The AGRI Index Pilot Report contains data and lessons learned in testing in Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda, and Zambia in 2012. AGRI data confirmed the pilot's original premise: agribusinesses face significant and unique legal, regulatory and institutional burdens that impede operations and make compliance a costly proposition.

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