Double glazed perspex is an incredibly cost effective way of making your home warmer, drier and healthier. Rather than replacing your existing windows, a secondary pane of acrylic can be added to the inside of the window frame, reducing heat loss in winter and limiting solar heat gain in summer. Depending on the size of your current windows and how much heat they lose, you can even achieve significant energy savings with this simple ‘retrofit’ solution.

The most common material used for DIY secondary glazing is a clear Perspex acrylic sheet. This is ideal as it can be easily cut to shape, drilled and sanded. It is also resistant to UV light and has an excellent impact rating. Clear cast Perspex is an affordable option, at a third of the price of glass and a quarter of the price of aluminium.

Double Glazed Perspex: Elevating Comfort and Energy Efficiency in Your Space

Whether you choose glass or Perspex, we recommend using our registered ‘Easyfix’ system for your installation. This is a two part tape system, one being the white colour, self adhesive steel tape which can be applied to the outside of your wooden window frame and the other being the self adhesive magnetic tape that will be attached to the edges of your acrylic secondary window panel. This means that your installation is a lot easier to do and you don’t need any special tools or skills. This will save you a large amount of money in labour charges. In addition, the Easyfix system helps you to achieve a more airtight installation and reduces the chances of water leaks.