spray foam insulation works like both an insulator and an air sealant, closing the nooks and crannies that let air escape. This helps reduce energy bills and bolsters home efficiency.

Eco-Friendly Insulation Options

Its powerful sealing ability also means that your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard to keep a stable climate in your North Carolina house, making it possible to save money on electricity use. In addition, the spray insulation provides better protection against moisture. That’s because spray foam expands to many times its original size and prevents areas like crawl spaces from becoming damp, humid environments.

Lastly, it’s important to note that spray foam insulation also helps to soundproof your property. While it isn’t specifically designed to do this, the fact that the foam is able to fill space and create a tight barrier between a room’s interior and outside makes it much more difficult for noise to pass between rooms and to people outside.

While all types of home insulation can help you improve your energy efficiency, few do it as well and as easily as spray foam. It’s the ideal way to cut your energy costs, while also keeping your home comfortable year-round and saving you money on energy bills every month. To find out more about spray foam insulation, contact a team from TCS today. We are your local experts in spray foam insulation, blown and batt insulation, concrete lifting, foundation lifting and deep foam injection.

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