save 10k in a year

Saving $10,000 in a year may sound like a huge goal, especially if you earn an average salary. But, with smart habits and financial resiliency, it’s totally doable. Whether you’re looking to bulk up your emergency fund or invest for the long haul, here are some strategies to help you reach your savings goal.

Save 10k in a year expenses is one way to free up money to put toward your goal. For example, if you normally spend $20 on lunch each week, you might be able to save that amount by bringing your own. You can also look to make additional income through a side hustle, like walking dogs or delivering food, which can bring in an extra $16 to $21 per hour, according to Zippia.

Financial Fitness Challenge: How to Save £10,000 in Just One Year

Another strategy is to make a budget and commit to following it. It’s important to adjust your budget over time as life changes, such as a new job or higher rent. Lastly, consider opening a high-yield savings account to earn interest on the money you’re saving.

While it’s important to cut unnecessary spending, it’s also a good idea to allocate some money each month for fun stuff. That way, you don’t feel deprived or have a negative attitude about the savings process. You might even want to give yourself an accountability partner who knows your goals and will check in with you throughout the year. That could be a friend, family member or a community of people online, such as The Penny Hoarder’s Facebook group.