Immigration law is complex and can be difficult to understand. It is also intimidating, especially when trying to navigate the system without a lawyer. Whether you need help with a visa application, avoiding deportation or appealing a denial, it is important to work with an experienced immigration attorney. Before committing to an attorney, it’s best to ask plenty of questions during the consultation process. This will give you a chance to see how comfortable you feel with the person and whether they are a good fit for your case. Check this out:

One of the first questions you should ask a prospective immigration lawyer is what they specialize in. Experienced attorneys should be able to provide client testimonials and discuss how their approach has helped them achieve favorable outcomes for past cases. They should also be able to tell you if they are qualified to handle your specific case, such as by describing their education and background.

Seeking Answers: Why You Should Ask an Immigration Lawyer

You should also be sure to ask an immigration lawyer what their fees are and how they are structured. Many attorneys charge flat rates for the initial consultation, while others bill by the hour or on a retainer basis. Some may have additional costs associated with a case, such as filing fees or litigation costs. These fees should be clearly explained so that clients can make the best decision for their individual needs and budgets.

Finally, if you speak a language other than English, you should make sure that your immigration attorney can either speak the language or can bring an interpreter with them. This will prevent any confusion and ensure that you can communicate effectively throughout the course of your case.