Seed Junky Genetics began in the early 2000s in a small garage in Southern California, where JBeezy’s passion for growing and breeding cannabis started. As a hands-on cultivator, his relentless breeding and pursuit of interesting and different genetics led to the creation of Ice Cream Cake, Wedding Cake, Kush Mints, The Soap, Jealousy and hundreds of other top-tier strains for various US brands. Seed junky genetics is committed to daily innovation and a relentless pursuit to bring new flavors to market with their wide range of high quality cultivars.

Why is it called Stardawg?

If you’ve noticed the captivating and powerful cannabis strains that top California brands like Cookies y Jungle Boys are rolling out, it is likely because Berner of the Cookies Family is a long-time fan of Seed Junky’s varieties. In fact, they have partnered to bring you the highly sought-after strains under the brand name of Minntz.

This month Seed Junky is heating up May with fresh Permanent Marker crosses as feminized seeds. Doja Pak has a limited supply of the crazy Juicee J (Cap Junky x Sherb Bx) for $350 for 10 regular seeds. SJG also sells the hefty Wedding Cake F2 x KM 11 for $500 for 10 regular seeds.

The Emerald Cup 2023 has advanced Fig Farms’ Animal Face, Compound Genetics’ Tribute, and Gas Gang’s Rock Candy into the finals for flower and rosin. The weed contest series is also hosting a live rosin qualifier with 20 brands battling it out for the right to compete in the main event next weekend.