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When people visit the website, they’re looking to find information or purchase products and services. It’s up to your company’s website to ensure that these goals are met. User testing has shown that people can be impulsive buyers and will quickly convert to customers or sales leads if your website meets their needs. Business-focused websites must also be clear and concise with contact information, location and hours of operation, etc.

Websites are often designed to be attractive and engaging, but users don’t come to a website to watch a slideshow of images or read a novel. Web pages must be quick to load, easy to navigate and inspire trust. Most visitors to your site are going to have initial skepticism and it’s up to you to establish that your company is trustworthy. A quick way to do this is through a short paragraph of testimonials from existing clients. Big companies like Amazon and Google have done this for years and it’s paid off.

Virtual Exploration: Why You Should Visit the Website for More Information

Even though it is against personal data regulations to display who is visiting your website, you may be able to determine their general location and their company from a combination of publicly available data from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Email Hunter. It’s not as detailed as a full-person profile, but it can provide valuable insight into who your target audience is and the types of content that are attracting their attention. This information can then be used to optimize the website for their needs.