The shower has many benefits and advantages over the traditional bathtub.

If you are thinking of bathroom remodeling, you probably have a dilemma between the two. That is why we have made a list of reasons that will help you make that decision.

Here are 8 reasons to swap your bathtub for a shower for bathroom remodeling:


Showers are currently a safer option thanks to the non-slip material from which they are made.

On the contrary, a wet bathtub is more dangerous because it is a slippery surface that can cause major accidents.


The budget is a primary factor when deciding on one or another option for your bathroom remodeling.

For this reason, you should know that showers are cheaper than bathtubs in many ways:

First, the work of putting a bathtub in your bathroom remodelingis much more expensive and time-consuming.

Second, by using a shower you will save a lot of money on both water and gas.

When filling a bathtub with warm or hot water you use a considerable amount of gas. In addition, the water used to fill it is equivalent to 10 showers.

Space Distribution

The shower allows you to better optimize the space in your bathroom.

As it takes up less space than the bathtub and is better suited to confined spaces.

Aesthetics and Design

Currently showers offer a wide variety of modern designs that will add value to your home.

In addition, there is a large number of possibilities of sizes and designs that adapt to all tastes.

Cleaning and maintenance

Showers are easier and more comfortable to clean than bathtubs because they generate less dirt. So they require less daily maintenance.


Nowadays time is very precious.

For this reason by taking a shower we will be saving a lot of time that we can spend on more important activities.

Access and Mobility

If older people or people with reduced mobility live in your home, the best option is to install a shower.

It is more comfortable to get in and out. You also have the possibility of placing a seat inside.


As we mentioned before, when you shower you use less water, and therefore less energy to heat the water. This in addition to being a considerable help for your pocket, is a great help for the environment.