A custom trailer decal is a great way to personalize your vehicle without harming it. These vinyl decals are available in a variety of colors and designs and can be easily applied to most smooth surfaces. They are also easy to remove and can be reapplied multiple times. You can create your own decals using our Design Tool or choose from a wide selection of stock images.

Are decals like stickers?

Boost your brand recognition with eye-catching trailer graphics. Trailers are the perfect marketing platform to inform your audience of who you are, what you do and how to contact you. Unlike box trucks, trailers have ample flat space to use as a billboard for your company.

By creating a custom trailer graphic decal you can turn your trailer into a mobile billboard for your business. A full-color trailer decal is a cost-effective marketing tool that will reach your audience at every opportunity.

Our decals are made of high-quality vinyl material that is designed to last for years. They are digitally printed with UV cured inks and contour cut by a computer driven plotter for a precision shape. They are then laminated for additional protection and a smooth surface. Our vinyl decals are pre-spaced on a wax liner with an applicator included. During application, the wax liner is removed to expose the adhesive side of the decal. The decal is then pressed onto the desired surface and squeegeed out to eliminate any air pockets or bubbles.