When drains clog it is time to call the professionals. Attempting DIY solutions like plunging or using a snake can make matters worse and even cause more damage. It is also important to note that if your drain clogs constantly it might be an underlying problem. Having a video inspection done can find the source of the issue and solve it before it gets worse.

What is included in a drain cleaning?

The most common Fort Lauderdale drain cleaning companies are due to foreign items. Wash cloths, baby toys and kitty litter are some of the common items that can get stuck in your drain lines. Another common culprit is tree roots. These are often looking for the water the drains carry and can cause major clogs by crushing the pipes or entering through broken or misaligned joints.

Getting your drains inspected regularly can help protect your investment and prevent costly repairs in the future. This is especially true when it comes to your sewer and main line. The main line is the largest drain in your house and all other household drains feed into it. The main line then carries waste underground to the city sewer or septic tank. Debris from your home can clog this line causing the waste to back up into the household drains.

Regular preventative maintenance can reduce the risk of costly repair and replace costs down the road. If you are purchasing a new home it is essential to have a video inspection done prior to buying. ZOOM DRAIN uses cutting-edge video camera inspection equipment specifically designed to detect the condition of your new property’s plumbing and sewer system. This is crucial as most of the plumbing is hidden behind walls or underground making it difficult to see and diagnose problems.