Imported lebanese hash canada | tale of two strains hash is an impressively potent cannabis extract made when trichomes, the sticky resinous glands that cover a plant’s surface are extracted and processed into a concentrated form. It’s created without solvents or chemicals, but rather through physical manipulation and temperature changes.

The Middle Eastern regions have been making premium cannabis concentrates for generations. It is safe to say that they know what they are doing! They make it a way of life and an art-form that they continue to advance every day. The Lebanese are experts in this field of production!

Aside from being extremely high-quality and highly concentrated, this product is also very easy to use. It can be added to any joint to enhance the effects and add a more potent smoke. It can also be smoked as a standalone substance and provides euphoric feelings that recreational users appreciate.

Exploring the Exotic: Imported Lebanese Hash in Canada – Origins, Quality, and Effects

This particular version of Lebanese hash is Red Lebanese and is very high in THC with a 55-60% THC content! It has a rich earthy taste and is very smooth. It is a bit stronger than Blonde Lebanese hash and can provide a more cerebral experience.

The process of creating Lebanese hash starts with cannabis cultivated in the valley of Baalbek. The harsh conditions of this region help landrace strains develop thick coats of THC trichomes to defend against the elements. Once harvested, this cannabis is then passed through a series of steps to be cleaned, refined and collected into a hard, rock-like substance that can be used as hash.