A fence is essential to delimit its land. But what to do with a small budget? Discover our top 5 of the most economical fences!

The fence has a functional aspect and an aesthetic aspect. It allows you to delimit the entrance to your property and possibly hide from prying eyes. It can protect you from animal intrusions and burglaries.

The fence is also the first element that visitors to your home discover. But your budget for outdoor work is limited? Through a series of questions and answers, this article will help you choose the right affordable fence:

Mesh fence: the cheapest on the market

Simple and functional, the mesh fence remains one of the least expensive systems to install. Fence mesh is very affordable:

  • The price of a chain-link fence made with a plastic-coated mesh 1 meter high, in rolls, amounts to an average of $10, including tax per lm (linear meter).
  • Meanwhile, the price of a mesh fence in panels amounts to an average of 26 $, including tax per lm. The height of the fence influences the price and the section or profile of the posts.

PVC fence: the most economical and easy to live with

In addition to being an affordable fence, the PVC fence is a resistant and maintenance-free fence. Just clean it with soapy water to restore its shine. It does not fear bad weather and saline atmospheres. It is, therefore, the ideal material for the exteriors of a seaside villa.

  • A PVC fence is between $45, including tax, and $100/ml. This price depends on the length and height of the fence and the quality and color of the material.

Concrete fence: economical and durable

The concrete fence is durable. Concrete is resistant to pollution and bad weather. It is the ideal material if you want a wide fence or a high fence to deter burglars from attacking your home. Concrete also has the advantage of being a good sound insulator. Therefore, the concrete fence is to be preferred in a very busy street.

  • A fence wall made of concrete blocks covered with a mineral coating costs between $60 and $150 per m². The price varies according to the finish of the plaster and the height of the enclosing wall.

Composite fence: the resistant alternative to wood

The composite fence is made from wood fibers and a plastic resin. Unlike the wooden fence, this fence does not require maintenance, except for one or two annual cleanings. It is naturally resistant to attack by insects and fungi, as well as to solar radiation. An anti-foam treatment is, however, sometimes recommended by the manufacturers.

  • A composite wood fence requires a budget of between $100 and $220, including tax per m², which makes it more expensive than certain types of wood. You will, however, save on maintenance.

Aluminum fence: design still accessible

The aluminum fence is a resistant and designed fence. It represents a certain budget but offers an economical and stylish alternative to wrought iron fences.

In addition, unlike the latter, the aluminum fence does not rust. This saves you the cost of anti-rust paint and the regular application of a specific treatment.

  • To acquire an aluminum fence takes an average budget of 330 $, including tax / m² m².
  • The price of the aluminum fence depends on the thickness of the aluminum used and the quality of the paint that coats the metal.

We know you want to get your fence up as fast and easy as a breeze, so we’ll take care of all the hard parts for ya!