When water damage occurs, a quick response is necessary to mitigate damage and costs. Look for local companies with 24-hour availability and experience restoring flooded homes, including drywall repairs and structural restoration. A reputable company will provide a thorough on-site assessment that covers both visible and hidden damages, as well as a detailed estimate of costs. They should also offer a comprehensive flood cleanup process that includes dehumidification and mold removal.

Will water damage go away?

ARA is a locally owned and operated restoration and cleanup service that serves both residential and commercial properties. The company’s IICRC-certified technicians address a variety of water problems, such as flooding from roof leaks and sewer backups. They use a wide range of equipment to handle the water removal, dehumidification, and property restoration processes.

Water Damage Restoration Austin

A reputable water damage austin will have a long track record and extensive expertise. It should be accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and its clients should report positive feedback. The company should also be able to provide references from previous customers and explain the restoration process in detail.

Ask about the company’s commitment to environmental protection and its policies regarding disposal of hazardous materials. It should also be able to restore carpets and furniture in affected areas. It is important to dry items as quickly as possible to minimize the damage caused by moisture and prevent the growth of molds.