CBD biocbd+ is a popular ingredient in many products because it has shown to reduce stress, aid digestion, alleviate pain and anxiety, and even promote sleep. But it’s important to find the right CBD product for your specific needs. Depending on your lifestyle and wellness goals, you may want to consider a water soluble option that will work quickly to provide relief and can be easily added to your daily routine.

Water soluble CBD products are already packaged into micelles and ready to be absorbed by the body. These formulas bypass the digestive system, allowing for faster uptake. In addition, the smaller micelle size allows for higher levels of CBD to be encapsulated, increasing bioavailability.

Making Waves: Water Soluble CBD and Its Impact on the Endocannabinoid System

Our water-soluble formulas include a blend of herbs to boost the healthful effects of our CBD. For instance, turmeric has been shown to help reduce exercise-induced inflammation, while magnesium and L-theanine support the body and mind during stress, and melatonin supports a healthy night’s rest. These ingredients are also formulated to be stable for a good organoleptic experience, meaning they won’t change color, taste or clarity as they sit in your beverage of choice.

When choosing a water-soluble CBD manufacturer, it is important to find one that uses organically grown European hemp plants and offers Certificates of Analysis on their website. Additionally, look for a bulk CBD company that practices full vertical integration, meaning they produce their own products from start to finish. This ensures quality control and accountability.