mail order marijuana

Mail order marijuana is becoming legalized in many states and as a result, people are looking for ways to buy it online. One option is to use an app that allows you to make marijuana purchases with a credit card. The KindPay app, for example, is available to anyone who has a Mastercard, Visa or Discover card that can be verified using a PIN number. This type of app is an ideal solution for people who want to make weed purchases discreetly.

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A study by a university professor found that in the 12 months leading up to his research, two million people every month searched for “mail order marijuana.” The results of these searches led to retailers that promised to ship weed and other legal marijuana products through the United States Postal Service, commercial parcel companies such as UPS or FedEx or private couriers. In fact, these searches often popped up in the top half of search engine results. These online retailers also didn’t require any age verification, which is important because many of these buyers are kids.

Although USPS workers can’t obtain a warrant to open packages without consent, the federal government offers up to $50,000 in rewards to employees who report illegal shipping of controlled substances, including marijuana. The program, called Operation Mailbox, is helping to reduce the number of illegal shipments of weed from the mailstream. The federal government considers marijuana to be a Schedule I drug, meaning that it cannot be shipped across state lines.